Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Number Poems con't.

Fat old five has a hat on top
Go down and around
And see what you've found

Note: Some writing styles instruct you to put the "hat" on top last which is the way I learned it. This was awkward at first but with some practice it became easier.

Roll a hoop and make a loop

Across the sky
And down from heaven
That's the way to make a seven.

Make an "S"
But do not wait,
Go back up and make an eight.

Make a ball
And then a line
That's the way to make a nine.

Note: The ball must be started and stopped in the correct position to have the line in the right place.

Make a one
And a zero again.
That's the way to make a ten.

Some children rely on these poems when writing numbers for some time. Giving stuents a way to remember things is importent, whatever that way is. When I would teach alphabet letters, I would also teach and we would practice the american hand sign for each letter. I would not test them to see if they remembered the sign but I would notice that the kinesthetic learners would put their hand behind their back and make the hand sign to help them when they were being tested on alphabet letters.