Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've always wanted to be a teacher. When I was in college I was going to be a high school teacher, then a college professor. After three years of college, I married and had kids. During this time I was a piano teacher. I became involved in a Cooperative Preschool when my kids were young. Other mothers in my area. some who had elementary education college training, had children the same age as mine. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this experience, one which had great value for my children and which their kindergarten teachers commented on positively when they started regular school.
When all my children were in school I went back to college full time and earned my BA in Elementary Education and began teaching kindergarten. Up until that time my very supportive husband and I had been alternating taking classes at a local University. He was working on a Master's degree, I towards completing my BA.
I taught kindergarten for 12 years. My husband, a high school Chemistry teacher, were surprised we had so much in common to talk about at the dinner table each day. We still talk about writing a book together called Kindergarten Chemistry. I enjoyed teaching kindergarten and found I could learn much about teaching from my students.
Between being a mother, piano teacher, and kindergarten teacher, I have had many interesting experiences, many of which taught important principles. I thought they might be of value to others, hence, this BLOG. In my posts I will describe the experience and what I learned from it. We all are teachers in some way, even if it is not a chosen career.

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