Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mystery Shape

After I had introduced all the shapes, (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, and diamond) we would play a game called "Mystery Shape". I would teach the students horizontal, vertical, oblique (slanted) left, (toward the windows) and right (toward the wall). We would practice horizontal and vertical by laying down and standing up.
Students would have to describe a shape verbally and I would draw it on the board. I would purposely draw exactly what they said even if I knew they meant differently. This way students would have to communicate clearly. The rest of the students would try to identify the shape.
Students would reaize as soon as I would take them literally if they did'nt tell me to stop and I would draw a line to the end of the board. They would realize they had not communicated clearly.

What I learned: Knowing something and communicating what you know are two very different things.

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