Sunday, November 23, 2008

Carpe diem

Carpe diem = Seize the day! I am not sure about the latin spelling but I have learned that small moments must be appreciated immediately. I could usually tell when a kindergarten aide was inexperienced. Upon looking out the window, She would exclaim, "Oh look, it's snowing!" From then on, excited children were not interested in anything in the classroom. I learned to drop what I was doing, bundle all the students up and go on a "snow march". I would get my umbella with the frog eyes on top and we would march around the playground. Sometimes we would play "Follow the Leader". Sometimes we would try to catch snowflakes with our tongues. Most of all, we would capture the wonder and joy of a snowfall. All too soon, the beginning of a snowfall is over and the order of the day must be resumed.

WHAT I HAVE LEARNED: Learn to recognize special moments and take advantage of them. All too soon they are gone. Even regular moments can become special if you will take advantage of them.

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