Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kinesthetic Learners

Some people are visual kearners. (remembering what they see). Some learn best through auditory means, ( hearing) and others are kinesthetic learners (learning through touch or doing). All methods of learning are used by everyone but a person goes automatically to the style that is best for them. For example I think I am a visual learner because I visualize the keypad when I am trying to remember a phone number or I visualize the written word when I want to remember a spelling.
In kindergarten I would try to use all three strategies, just to cover my bases. When teaching the letters of the alphabet I taught the American Sign Language hand sign along with each letter of the alphabet.
This principle of learning was reinforced to me when I would test students to see how many letters and sounds they knew. I would hold up a letter of the alphabet and individually students would be required to tell me the name of the letter and its sound. Some students would put their hands behind their back and make the hand signs to help them remember. They were always a little embarrassed, like they were cheating. In actuality they were using a good learning tactic.

What I learned; People have different learning styles. The one that is right is the one that helps them and may be different from the way we learn best.

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