Thursday, March 5, 2009

Speech Worries

Along with many worries parents have when children start school, are worries about speech. In kindergarten many children come to school with imperfect speech patterns. With each new letter of the alphabet we would practice the sounds of the letter along with a clear decription of what is happening in the mouth and throat. (e.g. When one makes the "l" sound, the tongue touches the roof of the mouth.) If the student continues to make errors toward the end of the year, it is time to call in a speech specialist. ( If a stuent is still saying yoyipop instead of lollipop or similar gross errors) Most students have fairly normal speech by the end of kindergarten and their few errors are developmental.
It is natural for parents to worry about their children. I had many parents who were sure their child was dyslexic because they wrote their name backwards. In kindergarten, many children still retain their multiple perspectives. After all, a watch is a watch no matter which way you hold it. No wonder there is so much confusion with b,d.p and q. As children grow, they lose this ability so if your child is still writing his name backward in third grade. it is time to be concerned.

What I learned: Children grow out of many stages. You can't stop trying to improve but it is hard to be patient.

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